Instructor FAQ

How do students claim their eCard?

You will receive an email from, follow the link in the email to claim your eCard. You can also visit to view your card (as long as it is current), or download the PDF below for further instructions.  

How to Claim Your AHA eCard

How do I transfer to, or from, your Training Center?

To start, please fill out this Transfer Records Form. This form must be initiated by the instructor and sent to the training center you would like to transfer to with a copy of your instructor card. The training center will then sign that they will accept you, and the document will then need to go to the training center that is transferring your records. Once we/they receive the records we will send a welcome letter along with our $40 training center alignment fee. Please email with questions.

What is the new process for submitting a roster or placing an order?

Turn in all rosters online at Please remember that you do not need to turn in paper rosters if you turn submit them online. If you turn in paper rosters that have already been submitted online, you may be charged twice for the cards, plus an additional fee for INHS staff to enter the roster.

Submit your material order online at Do not turn in a paper order form. Things to remember:

  • You only have 30 days following the course to submit a roster, or the course will be invalid.
  • Only submit students on the roster that have successfully passed the AHA course.
  • You will be charged a $10/roster fee if you turn in paper rosters to the training center for processing. All rosters must be submitted online. There is no need to send paper rosters to the training center.
  • It is mandatory that students have emails so that INHS can send out eCards. Always make sure you have collected all student emails before dismissing your class.

What else should I know about eCards? Are they as valid as paper cards?

Please use the first link below to learn more about the validity of AHA e-cards. eCards are sent out from the American Heart Association and will come to students email from Additional documents for your use are below.

When will paper cards no longer be available?

Beginning January 1, 2018, all US-based AHA Training Centers (TCs) will be required to use AHA eCards for issuing course completion cards to providers and students who successfully complete th requirements of AHA courses.

Click here to learn more about eCards.

Click here to learn more about why the AHA is requiring eCards.

What are the current exam binders I should be using?

The current exams for ACLS, PALS & BLS classes are A & B, from the 2015 Guidelines.

Where can I find the Program Administration Manual (PAM)?

Please read the most current version of the Program Administration Manual (PAM) and follow the most current American Heart Association Guidelines when teaching courses. You can also find a copy of this at

Is there a national AHA instructor community?

Yes! Join the Instructor Community by clicking here. This community allows you to discuss with, and learn from, other instructors. There are also blogs, a list of events, additional resources, and an instructor network.  

How do I verify a certificate for HeartCode?

For certificates beginning with IMP/SCI go to: 

What are my next steps after I have completed my instructor initial course?    

Use this link below to view or print a step-by-step guide: Next Steps after Your Instructor Course.

How do I register with the AHA instructor network

Click here to register or login; if you have not registered you will need to do so. Click on the link and select “register now”. Once you complete registration, your training center coordinator must confirm your access to all the latest tools and information for AHA Instructors and HSSE's. The website will automatically notify us that you have registered.

What is my Instructor number?

Your instructor number is required on AHA course completion cards. To obtain a number or find out what your number is, log in to the AHA instructor network. Your number is located under your profile. Click here to log in or register on the instructor network website.  

What do I do if I am having trouble navigating the instructor network?   

Click here to learn more about the instructor network, or call us at 509-232-8148.

How do I get the materials I need for class?

Order materials online at

What is a Training Location?

Training locations please note: you are allowed to use the paper cards you have on hand until December 31, 2020

Being a training location allows you to have blank paper or eCards on hand so you can deliver them to your students right after class and not wait on the training center. You can order cards in bulk and have them uploaded to your AHA Instructor Network. You will still need to turn your roster into your training center following the course. Mark “received in class” for card type. This is a $40/calendar year charge, however, you receive 10% off every card you purchase. If you are currently not a training site but would like to be, and have been an instructor with our training center for at least 6 months, please email with your request and the below information:

  • Location name (usually business name)
  • Instructors & numbers (must have been an instructor for 6 months)
  • Billing information
  • Email addresses
  • Phone number

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