The AHA’s pediatric-focused courses provide advanced assessment and recognition training for healthcare professionals who treat cardiovascular emergencies in infants, children, and adolescents.   

PALS- This course uses a scenario-based, team approach to teach pediatric emergency respiratory management or cardiac arrest.
PEARS- The main focus of PEARS is prevention, and specifically the assessment, recognition and stabilization of pediatric victims at risk of severe cardiopulmonary distress.

Instructors who are planning on holding an PALS or PEARS course must:    

  • Complete a Pre-Course Proposal a minimum of 30 days prior to class. 
  • Turn in a Complete Roster by email, mail or fax within 10 days following the class.  
  • Turn in an evaluation per class participant. 
  • Pay for any cards that INHS is issuing for the course.  ($10 per card) 

Send all completed forms to INHS by email, fax or mail.

Documents for PALS & PEARS:  

PALS Pre-Course Proposal

PEARS Pre-Course Proposal 

PALS Roster 

PEARS Roster  










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