Kayla Found Her EMS Career
The story of Kayla Franck

Kayla Franck knew early on that she wanted to enter the EMS field. "I lived down the street from the fire station and always watched them leaving for calls," she says. Her father encouraged her to follow that path-being a firefighter himself. Kayla says, "He was my inspiration to continue into the medical field."

Right out of high school, Kayla began volunteering at her local fire department, which led to her joining Stevens County Fire District 5 in Addy, Wash. "They needed first responders," she says, "and so they sponsored me in getting my EMT license. From then on, I fell in love with the medical field."

Kayla's path toward becoming a paramedic started with the EMT Program, hosted by the Stevens County Sheriff's Ambulance. She then attended the Advanced EMT Program (and later the Paramedic Program ) with INHS Health Training .

Her goal was met by the courses offered through INHS Health Training. Kayla says. "Since I had already attended INHS Health Training, I knew there were more opportunities for students to get real-life experience during the classroom portion."

The Paramedic Program offers students experiences like going to an aquatic center to learn how to treat diving injuries while in the water. Kayla says they also rappelled down an elevator shaft in a mock drill to save those injured at the bottom.  She says her favorite experience was working alongside Spokane city and county law enforcement during a staged, multi-casualty incident of an active shooter situation. "I cannot express the importance of the hands-on experiences we had during our time there that a lot of students might not get."

During EMS Week , Kayla reminds us that this field takes a special person to take on all the responsibilities that comes with it. "EMS is not what a person sees on TV with rushing lights and sirens after major car accidents and traumatic injuries," she says. "EMS is holding the hand of the elderly female who just lost her husband; the 2 a.m. calls because someone is sick or scared and not sure what to do-it takes a very compassionate person with quick thinking to work in EMS along with a desire to always keep learning."

"The world of EMS is continuously changing for the better," Kayla says. "If you are unsure if EMS is for you, do a ride-along with a local EMS transport agency or fire department."

To learn more about the course and upcoming course dates, visit: https://healthtraining.inhs.org/EMT/  or https://healthtraining.inhs.org/Paramedic-Program/ . In-class and online options are available in addition to several medical profession courses and continuing education opportunities.  

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