Shane  Anderson
Shane Anderson, EMT-P
Shane has been a Paramedic for the past 8 years and has been teaching for over 3 of those years in different Paramedic programs.  Shane mainly teaches in the INHS Paramedic program and he loves it!  Shane says that teaching helps keep his skills up for his profession as a Paramedic and a Firefighter.  He has a passion to for sharing his experiences as a Paramedic with the students.
Debbie  Belknap
Debbie Belknap, RN, CDE
BSN, Widener University
Debbie has over 30 years experience as a nurse.  Her clinical background includes work in the ER, ICU, PCU, hemodialysis and chronic care.  She has beeen a Certified Diabetes Educator for over 25 years and has worked in both inpatient and outpatient diabetes care and education.  Debbie started teaching American Heart Association courses in the early 90's and loves it.  She is currently BLS Regional Faculty and the AHA ECC Committee Chair.  In the past she has been AHA National Faculty.  Debbie teaches many of the INHS Health Training CPR courses and instructor courses.  BLS is a passion of Debbie's and she enjoys the satisfaction of helping people learn new things, updating thier knowledge, or even setting a new course.
Emily  Fleury
Emily Fleury, HTN Director
Emily has been the director of INHS Health Training for the past 3 years and is also the director for health@work and Community Wellness programs through INHS.   Emily has been teaching and coordinating education courses for the community, worksites, and medical professionals for over 11 years at INHS. 
Toni  Halloran
Toni Halloran, AEMT
Toni works at Spokane County Fire District #13 most of the time when she is not teaching for INHS. She teaches AHA CPR, First Aid, OTEP, PHTLS, and Spokane County IMT.  Toni's favorite class to teach is teh EMT Class and providing CPR training!
Gary Hoertz
Gary Hoertz, EMT-P
 Gary has over 35years experience in the medical profession.  Gary is a retired Air Force Independent Duty Medical Technician, and the retired Kootenai Fire & Rescue Department EMS Division Chief.  Gary has been teaching EMS for over 25years.  He has a passion for seeing students learn new concepts and strengthening what they already know.  Gary is the lead instructor for the INHS paramedic program and in 2013 was awarded "Instructor of the Year" by the East Region EMS Training Council.  He also teaches ACLS, PALS, AEMT and EMT courses.   
Amber  Jones
Amber Jones, AEMT
Amber is an AEMT and teaches many of the INHS Health Training courses.  She teaches CPR, ACLS, and the Ongoing Training and Education Program (OTEP) throughout the region.  Amber loves teaching because she gets to interact with all of the students.  She also enjoys the fact that she is always learning something new as well.  Amber has worked for INHS for over 2 years and has been working in the field of EMS for over 9 years.
Linda  Maas
Linda Maas, RN
Linda has been a nurse for over 25 years.  She has been an instructor with INHS Health Training for the past 7 years.  She loved to teach CPR because she loved meeting new people and watching them accomplish somthing that is new to them. 
Shaun  Pitts
Shaun Pitts, AEMT, SEI
Shaun is the INHS lead EMT and AEMT instructor and he teaches both online and in person offerings.  Shaun helped develop the online EMT course for INHS.  In addition to EMT and AEMT, Shaun teaches CPR, GEMS, PEPP, OTEP and PHTLS.  Shauns favorite class to teach is EMT Basic because he loves meeting new people and introducing them into the "most rewarding field"! Prior to working at INHS, Shaun worked as an EMT for Deer Park Ambulance for over 6 years. 
Doug  Presta
Doug Presta, DPM, NREMT-P
NREMT-P, University of Iowa
Doug has been a Paramedic with the Spokane County Fire Department since 1991.  Prior to that, he worked as a sports medicine physician until he retired from the profession.  He as been teaching for INHS just over a year and teaches ACLS, PALS, and often helps with the Paramedic program.  Doug loves teach and share experiences with the students. 
Jeff Rittenhouse
Jeff Rittenhouse, EMT-P
Paramedic, Northwest Community Hospital, Arlington Heights, IL
Jeff has been involved in EMS beginning in 1981.  He has worked as an EMT and Paramedic in the volunteer, municipal and private sector.  Jeff has held both EMT and paramedic certifications in IL, CO, WA, Saudi Arabia, and the National Registry of EMT's.  Jeff has been teaching classes since 1985 and has taught EMT, Paramedic and many AHA classes.  He is INHS American Heart Association Training Center Faculty and teaches ACLS, PALS, BLS, EPC, PEPP, PHTLS, AMLS, GEMS, and many other classes for INHS Health Training.
Samantha Roberts
Samantha Roberts
Samantha brings experience in training and leadership to INHS Health Training.  At INHS, Samantha manages the retail operations and scheduling for the community training center as the AHA Community Training Center Coordinator.  Samantha is AHA/BLS regional faculty, training center faculty and a BLS instructor for INHS Health Training and has worked for INHS for over 5 years.
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